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Thank You for visiting our live, real-time “Garcias’ Free-Estimates” official calendar! 
By consolidating our trips, we are trying to go green as much as possible, at the same time keeping our prices affordable and our estimates completely free without any obligation to you. Therefore, just for the sake of our free estimates’ scheduling and planning, since we freely serve a radius as far as 60 miles from Bowie, MD, would you try to help us by letting us know in what category of job size would you expect to fit in, subjectively speaking, using the rough table below? In addition, we are testing our voucher program that grants substantial discounts and referral bonus to you, just to extend this opportunity to any neighbor, either next door or in your town, willing to use the same professional estimator trip and or the same crew if the job is approved. Just talk to our customer care representative in case you would like to share this opportunity with your friends or acquaintances. Beyond 60 miles anywhere from Bowie, MD we offer you a payable estimate.

Click on any available one-hour arrival time-frame for your free estimate (must give 12 hours notice). All estimates are subject to change and are tentative for weather conditions or any other circumstance beyond our control. We will do our best to keep you informed of unexpected delays or we’ll do our best to reschedule at the next earliest availability. (PLEASE NOTE: It’s critical for you to understand that your pre-selected time may not be the estimator arrival time. He will likely arrive at anytime during the next 60 minutes time-frame AFTER the starting time that you selected. Once the estimator arrive, he will need only a few minutes to complete your written quote, in most cases.)

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